Services Available Through Paragon Supply

Paragon Supply will purchase your carbide scrap! If you have accumulated scrap carbide and do not know what to do with it, or simply do not want to deal with it, Paragon will take care of it for you. We will pick it up free of charge, and pay you per pound! Credit will be applied to your account, or a check will be issued within 48 hours..Take advantage of this service!

Coating Services
If you have a tool that needs more durability, Paragon will handle it for you. Send us your tool and we will get it coated! Call us today to get your coating quoted!
Coating available in :
Black Oxide
& Many More!

Re-Grinding Services
Do you wish to give your cutting tool a second life? Send it to us.  We will have it re-ground and sent back to you just like new! Avoid buying a new tool when you can use the same one again!

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